Men, Feeling Stuck or Confused, you are not alone

Men, Feeling Stuck or Confused, you are not alone

Alchemy of Men Utah Retreat


It takes a lot of courage for a man to share that he feels lost, stuck, or confused. For a successful man to say it feels like something we rarely see until they bottom out. Most men won’t say or share this sentiment. They will stay lost, stuck, and confused. They will keep doing the same things they’ve always done and work even harder at those things. They will often grow frustrated with the process and likely burnout or bottom out. And look, sometimes just doing more of the same thing works, but usually, what got us here won’t get us to the next thing; we need something new, fresh, and different; we MUST get out of our comfort zone to find new enthusiasm and inspiration and our next level of success. Ugur, we are honored you joined us at our March 2024 Utah Retreat and are excited you are joining us again at our June 2024 Arizona Retreat. You are driven, brilliant, creative, brave, and wise beyond your years. Thanks for trusting us and this community and sharing your gifts with us all.

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