We are committed to growing a brotherhood of growth-oriented men.

The Torch

A Weekly Virtual Men's Group & Online Community

The Primary purpose

The Torch is a community where men come together to share their successes, support one another, and grow into their best selves

It is also a place where friends and brothers are made.


Every month, we introduce a topic and spend four weeks examining it. Throughout the weeks, we progressively elevate the level of discussion. This allows you to create clarity and focus, take new and informed steps to fulfill your commitments, and have our support and appreciation throughout the journey.

We base these conversations on The Alchemy of Success Triangle and cover topics such as Mindset, Well-Being, Trust and Faith, Commitment, Forgiveness, Integrity, etc., moving through each level of the triangle, elevating your mind, body, and spirit to their highest potential.

Awareness + Action + Accountability = Abundance!

Awareness without action will NOT generate results.

To get the most out of our group, it is important that you attend our weekly calls and actively participate by sharing your thoughts and listening to others. We also encourage you to connect with other group members outside of the calls. 

Every week, we will share tools and practices to help you in various areas of your life, such as your relationships, business, and career. This only works if you work it.
If you miss a call, don’t worry. We will record all of our mini-lessons and make them available on-demand in our Mighty Networks Community so you can catch up whenever you have the time.

Here’s a recap of all you get:

Weekly Virtual Calls

These weekly calls will provide an opportunity to deepen your awareness, take new and aligned action in service of your commitments, and be celebrated with us along the way.

Torch Online Community

It is a private space where all Alchemy of Men activities will be held. And you’ll be able to connect, talk & support each other within the community as much as you like.

Additional Resources

We also have rooms for the mini learnings, we record these lessons so you can revisit them anytime and you’ll have access other resources from Bob and Alex.


You'll receive discounted early access to our retreats, masterminds, live events, and coaching programs.

All for just...

$1000 for the year

Not sure if this group is right for you?
No worries, come once on us and then decide if the group is right for you. Use the "Let's Connect Now" button to submit your inquiry. We look forward to meeting you.

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